CAST AND CREW: Al Quagliata, Cliff Baum, Steve Childs, James Gerlan Elaine Quagliata, Joseph Mingoia, Dana Laite, Michael Seguso, Alicia Serniak, Michael Rossano, Paul Serraino, Alex Watts, Dominick Santoro, Louis Chiavetta, Chris Cristiano  This is the official web page for the public access comedy show Zodiacs, Maniacs And Just Plain Yaks. Welcome!  Zodiacs, Maniacs And Just Plain Yaks was a public access sketch comedy show which was produced in Westchester County, New York, from 1986 through 1990. The show aired there and in New York City as reruns until 1996.   The program was the brainchild of high school friends   Al Quagliata , Clifford Baum and Dennis McCarthy. This trio, heavily influenced by the "seat of the pants" style of comedy popularized by the likes of Ernie Kovacs and Uncle Floyd , approached the local cable company and asked if they could "have a show." The cab